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Impregnated Sheets / Gaskets / Wipers XT-7800

HH Engineered Solutions

GasketsXT-7800 (Armalon) is produced by impregnating a needled PTFE fiber felt base with PTFE resin and has been used in gasket and wiper applications for over 40 years (previously sold as XT-7700). The result is a soft material which conforms to uneven flanges, providing durable seals with minimum flange pressures. Because it is made with PTFE, it releases easily from flanges when disassembly is necessary, and can often be reused instead of being replaced.  XT-7800 resists attack by such chemicals as red fuming HNO3 , H2SO4, HF, HCI, aqua regia, NaOH, and anhydrous NH3. Other physical properties of XT-7800 are listed in the chart below.

With Tensile in the 2000 psi range and Burst in the 8000 psi range, XT-7800 is very strong but soft enough to seal with lower pressures and on uneven flange surfaces, yet still compresses over 30% with a recovery rate over 20%, making it well suited for many type of flange applications.  Additionally, in some cases XT-7800 was able to be reused after many years due to its overall high strength, recovery, and resiliency properties.  When removed, it recovers about 25% and can be compressed again.

Stock XT-7800 for all your gasketing applications and eliminate the need to maintain expensive inventories of other materials.  Sheets of Armalon can easily be cut to desired configuration and are available in either sheets or cut gaskets.

Product Characteristics  
  • Heat Resistant
  • Cold Resistant
  • Radiation Resistant
  • Cold Flow Resistant
  • Conforms to Uneven Flanges with minimal pressure
  • Resists attack of strong acids and bases
  • Higher Operating Temperatures
  • Inertness to Acid, Alkalis and Organic Solvents
  • Zero Moisture Absorption

Part    # Thickness Std. Width UOM Comments Market Std. Specifications
XT-7550 .065" .090" .125" .180" 60" LYD Unsupported Gen. Industrial View PDF
XT-7655 .075"        23" LYD Unsupported Industrial View PDF
XT-7800 .065" .090"   .180"  28x28" Sheets Impregnated Gaskets/Wipers View PDF
XT-2163 .055"     Low CFM  60" LYD Scrim Supported Filtration View PDF
XT-2164 .055"     Med CFM  60"   LYD Scrim Supported Filtration View PDF 
XT-2165 .050"      High CFM  60"   LYD Scrim Supported Filtration View PDF

Property Standard
Lab Results  
XT-7800 .125" Specs and Independent Lab Results 
Thickness .125" +/- 15% .128"
Size 28" X 28" Larger sizes available as MTO
Burst 5000 psi min. 7983 psi / (break strength-1134 lbf)
Tensile 1500 psi min. 1919 psi
Elongation none 65%
Compressibility none 32%
Recovery none 22%
Resiliency none 10%
Weight 5 lbs. per sheet  
Color White  
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